Irrigation and Lighting


It is very important to manage the installation of irrigation systems correctly. There are many factors involved in the installation of an irrigation system which effects the health of the garden, plants and the consumption of water. Cost effective irrigation systems are important for two reasons; saving precious water and minimising cost of irrigation hardware and maintainance bills.

Your garden should be a place of refuge, your own private haven where you can escape the stresses of modern life. It should be your place for quiet contemplation, but should also provide you with the opportunity to relax and entertain friends.

Most plants in Algarve gardens struggle to obtain enough water to thrive. An automatic watering system will transform your garden by providing it with all the moisture it needs. Borders and lawns will flourish.

We will always tailor a watering system to suit you and your plants. Whatever type of garden you have, we will provide the most cost effective and efficient system to suit your plants and your budget.

To this end, we work with the leading manufacturers of irrigation equipment eg. Hunter, Rainbird & Nelson to ensure the finest equipment is always installed for the benefit of your garden.


There is no rule that says that outdoor lighting has to be boring. In fact, there are a lot of beautiful and fun outdoor lighting options out there for you to choose from. With all of the choices available it can be a bit overwhelming to decide what you need or want. There are certainly too many different considerations to think about. There is more to it than just your own personality that you want to shine through and what your budget can withstand. You have many options to choose from in outdoor lighting. It can be troublesome and confusing to make the right choice.

With over 10 years experience in garden electrical installations, we use registered electricians and equipment that is designed for external applications, key to keeping the lighting safe and functioning long term.

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