Swimming pool re-tiling

Pool Renovation  and tiling

When your pool is starting to look a bit tired, perhaps some tiles have fallen off or you have excessive staining around the border then we can undertake various levels of renovation. Sometimes this work is needed after repairs to the pool. Once the grout starts to wear away due to the chemistry of the water it won’t be long before the glue holding the tiles will start to fail leading to loss of tiles. And once the tiles start to go the aggressive nature of the water will leach the cement from the shell below which then allows the harsh water to reach the steel embedded within ultimately leading to structural failure.

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Sometimes all that is needed is replacing lost tiles and regrouting, or the border needs to be cut out and replaced leaving the rest of the tiles just to be re-grouted. Sometimes the pool simply needs all the tiles or paint stripping off and re-tiling and grouting.

We can advise on what is needed and then undertake any and all works needed including repairs to the underlying surface including leak repair and rendering. The cost of these repairs increases the longer you leave it so don’t delay.

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