Plumbing and Electrical

Plumbing and Electrical including boreholes, waste water treatment, house re-wiring and plumbing, water filtration

One of the foundations of a home is a well prepared utility network. When there is no mains water and the water table is too deep for a traditional well, the ideal solution is a borehole. They also have their uses for swimming pool owners and people irrigating large areas saving thousands in water bills.

We can drill various sizes of borehole and any depth providing top quality drinking water in even the driest of locations.

And where there is no electricity, or the client prefers for environmental reasons,we can install a solar pumped system without the need for batteries providing totally free water. Otherwise we can install various sized pumps providing mains pressure regulated water ready for filtration if necessary for drinking.

Wells are the traditional form of catching water here in Southern Portugal and can also be used for pools, irrigation or even drinking with adequate filtration.

As well as being able to dig wells up to ten meters deep and of any width, we can also restore existing wells and renovating them in the traditional style or, if desired,a completely modern style.

If you’re not connected to the mains supply, or you don’t rely entirely on it for your supply, it’s almost certain that you have some kind of a pump.

We are able to repair,replace,maintain and upgrade any type of pump, be it a submersible borehole pump,a solar borehole pump, a standard suction pump for wells and tanks or even a diesel irrigation pump.

If you have problems with fluctuating or insufficient water pressure or flow we can help and have extensive experience in both domestic and agricultural water supplies. We can also fit systems that maintain water supply even when the mains electricity fails and pump protections systems, in fact almost anything to provide you with a completely reliable water supply.

Although water may appear to be clear, it always contains many microscopic particles, some of which can make water taste funny and even be dangerous to your health. There are many types of particles, and the tiniest sub-micron sized particles may number in the millions per millilitre of water.

Some of the more common particles that may be present in drinking water include cysts of parasites like Giardia and Cryptosporidium, asbestos fibres, bacteria, precipitates of heavy metals including lead, and “turbidity,” which refers to particles smaller than wavelengths of light, causing cloudiness.

All well and borehole water should be tested for contaminants and pathogens etc and the appropriate treatment taken. We can arrange for testing of samples in the labs and after analysis of the results the appropriate treatment can be provided.

The water in the Algarve often contains sediments and dissolved iron and magnesium and this can cause significant damage to plumbing systems,and should be removed. There are also various bacteria that can be found in both wells and boreholes.

From simple particle filtration to full water softening and ultra violet sterilisation, we can assure water that is completely safe to drink and won’t damage your plumbing with mineral deposits and sediment.

A home also needs hot water and we are able to supply and fit solar, bottled gas fired, electric and even solid fuel hot water heating. See our heating and aircon page for more details.

Waste water

An important area of our services often overlooked (often until very obvious !) is waste water and drainage. Weather it’s a blocked drain or installation of a soak away or septic tank we can help ensure the more unpleasant aspects of a property are dealt with efficiently,invisibly and without odour. We always install to UK minimum spec. (wider pipes) to ensure that any system can handle all situations without becoming overloaded. We are also able to install organic treatment systems in order that waste water can be re-used in the garden,using multi stage plant root and sand filtration.

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