General Building and Construction

General building and roofing throughout the Algarve

While the majority of our work is fittings and finishings, a lot of our work in the Algarve is general building and roofing, weather on it’s own when you want to move a door, add a window or as part of one of our other trades, such as channelling out and re-plastering after electrical plumbing of Air-con work and demolishing old floors and patios before new ones can be laid. With other trades it is usually the case that a builder has to be called in after or before.

Bedroom extension

We have worked in all types of property from apartments in the resorts to country “Montes” and luxury villas.

We also have expert masons and plasterer’s on our team, as well as steel workers (for re-enforced concrete) and carpenters for roofing and shuttering.

General building servicesCountry properties often have roofing issues and we have our own system for replacing cottage roofs with treated nordic pine and modern insulation (XPS or cork) to give you a roof that looks traditional but performs as good as any modern roof should. We can offer a choice of interior finshings from plaster and wood to round joists or square as well as more rustic timbers. All the wood is kiln dried and we treat against the common insect problems we get here and finish the wood in a range of low-odour (VOC) treatments. Alternatively we can build the more local style of a concrete roof with built in insulation.

Part completed roof

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